Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a Crappy Life!

Writing prompt: George Bailey is about to commit suicide, but an angel named Clarence intervenes. To prove to him that his life shouldn't be thrown away, the angel shows him what the world would be without him. But the plan backfires. The world is actually a much better place. Instead of marrying him, Mary marries Sam Wainwright, lives in a huge mansion, and has a big happy family. (And seriously, Donna Reed becoming an old maid? Not with that beautiful face!) George isn’t there when the distraught druggist puts poison in a prescription, and the prescription is delivered to old man Potter. Potter dies and Mr. Bailey (George’s would-be father) is voted by the board to take his place. The town prospers under his fair and generous leadership. And so on.

As far as my life is concerned, it is a wonderful life and I don't need Clarence to tell me so. I have a lovely wife and lovely daughters, and they bring music and laughter and enthusiasm into my life. And I've had a load of hits and even a few sales on my books that I just uploaded to #Smashwords. Statistically meaningless, but fun nonetheless.

My New Year’s resolution is to double this blog’s followers. Right now I’m sitting at one: my wife. (Hi Honey!)

Here is hoping this coming New Year is filled with laughs and love and happiness to (all) my reader(s).